Inside Private Equity Transactions – How Mark Hauser Comes Out on Top Through Due Diligence

There is something to be said about the level of success that comes through actual preparation. Mark Hauser is the founder and co-managing partner at Hauser Private Equity. As the leader at HAUSER, Mark has been tasked with leading a team of financial professionals in offices ranging from Atlanta and Chicago to Los Angeles and St. Louis.

With a diverse array of investments and ventures in his back pocket, including the Cincinnati Sports Mall, Mark Hauser has a unique mindset and perspective when it comes time to engage with private equity transactions.

Let’s dive into the mindset of Mark Hauser to understand better how he has found so much continued success at Hauser Private Equity.

Engaging in Business For Success

While Hauser may approach every deal with the same mindset, he understands that the investment industry encompasses many different objectives and investment entities. Private equity firms like HAUSER have to work carefully to carve out a niche in the investment arena, working diligently in contrast to stock market investors who aim for individual stocks or funds.

Private equity firms like Hauser Private Equity target companies that can be leveraged for growth, focusing on creating value after acquisition. This is a careful process that can take upwards of seven years in some instances, though finding value comes much quicker when you know what you are looking for.

As a professional private equity investor, Mark Hauser understands that there are a few areas of understanding that can go a long way toward building positive outcomes. Hauser advocates the following steps when engaging in private equity investing.

Do Your Research

A private equity firm must do its research to hope for any sort of longevity or success in the industry. Hauser believes that exhaustive preparation through extensive due diligence can make or break a deal. This means that firms need to be ready to dive into the legal, financial, and commercial aspects of a potential business to find any potential red flags. If red flags are found, investors need to be prepared to step away from the deal.

Improve Overall Operations

Once a company has been targeted for buyout and prepared for leveraged success, investors need to improve overall company operations. This could mean installing a general partner on the board to realign the management structure. This could also mean leveraging assets to improve the overall function of a business.

Find an Exit Point

Mark Hauser understands that the success of a deal depends in large part on when one exits from it. Finding the right time to make a timely exit from a contract is the biggest key to success that there is. Many private equity firms like Hauser’s will wait upwards of seven years to decide, while others will move on from an investment once they’ve taken the company public.

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